First Visit

At ABC Orthodontics, we want you to feel prepared and confident about the treatment you are receiving from Dr. Jessica Thayer. There are certain things that will be discussed during your initial consultation with our orthodontist to determine which treatment is right for you.

During your consultation, Dr. Thayer will review your medical history and do a complete oral exam to understand where you are in regard to your oral health. This will help her determine which treatment is the best option and allow us to customize an individual treatment plan with you. Once that is decided, we can go over your financial options to create a payment plan.

Most people complete their dental records, like X-Rays, photos and a 3D scan of their teeth, at the initial consultation. However, if that is not possible, we can schedule another appointment for you to come in and do that. Once your dental records and treatment plan are set up, all that is left to do is to get started!

During the straightening process, you will be required to visit our office every four to eight weeks so that Dr. Thayer can make sure that things are going smoothly. We will work with you so that you can come in when it is convenient for your schedule. We can also accommodate you if you are running late or need to reschedule. In the meantime, be sure to still visit your dentist for your routine dental exam and cleaning every 6 months, even during your orthodontic treatment.

Be sure to call us at 928-726-0990 to schedule your initial consultation and come up with an orthodontic treatment plan in Yuma, Arizona.